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Fiction Vs. Writing

I’m attempting a different kind of post, a lengthy topic about reading fiction as opposed to writing it. I know most probably won’t be interested, but I’m giving it a shot anyway.

My main problem, regarding books, has been finding EXACTLY what I really want in reading.

I generally am getting better at finding books that hits all my happy points (women being awesome, historical romance, cool dragons, sarcastic male characters, and other such stuff), but then I think of a book idea and try to write it, but it doesn’t turn out the way I want, and I can’t locate the idea through the usual type of books I like reading, because it generally hasn’t been written yet.


I remember scoring very well when discovering Elizabeth Wein and her books that deal with female spies (another trope I love), and loving it but striking out when looking for similar books. Goodreads only took me so far, and while Google also helps (to a point), I haven’t found much that are like the book I’ve read.

I really want to make a program that takes the scenes/idea/plot for the book, and have it written out for you so you don’t have to do much but dream.

Sadly, I am nowhere near being able to create such a fantastic device.

I guess the main point of this post is: is there a program/website out there that helps people locate books based on ideas of what you want to read? I have found a few that are helpful in finding books based on authors (include links), but aside from that…

I haven’t had much luck.

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Art for Art’s Sake

Lately I’ve been more interested in art than in books. However, I can’t draw to save my life, I’m okay at photo manipulation, and I haven’t tried much anything else because I tried before and I’m just not good at it. (My youngest sister, on the other hand, is amazing.)

Here’s an example of what kind of art I like (granted, I’m not picky-I think ALL art is impressive in some form or another):

Or other kinds of things. I’m really all over the place when it comes to art, but it’s not just expensive buying it, it’s also kinda pricey in getting supplies.

I’m trying to do art, but while I’m not doing art, I’ve fallen back into fanfiction, as well as writing in general. (I may or may not post some fanfics soon, depending on if people are interested.)

I guess I’m just trying to be more artsy. I’m going to try drawing more, and other types of art as well. If you’re an artist, I would like some assistance-web links, suggestions, and so on-if you don’t mind.

In the meantime, I am going to browse the web and find more cool stuff!


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Beautiful Books: Leather and Gold Editions

So I found this website when browsing for leather books (because I need more of those in my life, as they’re very beautiful and my grandmother has more of them than I do!) and while the books are gorgeous, the cheapest one is $39. Yikes! EastonPressBooks

Still, you have to admire how beautiful they are. I’m debating (and budgeting) on getting a few of them, so that I can have them later in life when I’m old and cranky like my grandmother, who I still love to pieces. Leather books have always been a secret (well, perhaps not so secret now) love affair of mine, and they generally have very good stories in them as well.

I’m thinking my first set will be the $110 six set of Dune novels by Frank Herbert. I’ve recently seen the series with John Hurt in it and loved it, and I’ve also read the first novel, but I’ve not gotten to the rest. Dune is excellent, and a classic in its own right, don’t you guys think?

What should I do? Save my money for more important things, or save my money and eventually-eventually!-grow a beautiful book collection?

EDIT: Also, Happy Comic Con day!!!!

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Feeling Bookish

Tumblr is an excellent reference for books. I enjoy using Tumblr to find books that I might or might not be interested in. I even have a blog on tumblr, but it’s nothing major-it’s only got 7 followers, at most. Very few of them I actually speak to either.

What about you guys?

Anyone on tumblr?

Any book places you haunt that you recommend?