Anthology Review: The Eagle Has Landed

Title: The Eagle Has Landed Author: Anthology/Neil Clarke Series: Standalone Genre: Science Fiction Publisher: Skyhorse Page Count: 600 Type of Book: Kindle Ebook, Arc Received: Netgalley Review Word Count: 1000 Rated: 4/5 stars Notes: Definite recommendation for SciFi nerds! This was a fascinating anthology about the moon landings, or people living on the moon andContinue reading “Anthology Review: The Eagle Has Landed”

Netgalley Review: Conviction

Title: Conviction Author: M. D. Neu Series: Book Two Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, LGBT, Futuristic Page Count: ? Publisher: Nine Star Press Release Date: March 15th Type of Book: Ebook, Kindle Book, ARC Review Word Count: 1000 Received: Netgalley Rated: 5/5 stars Notes: This series continues to delight. It went a different area than whatContinue reading “Netgalley Review: Conviction”

New Release Review: The Black God’s Drums

Title: The Black God’s Drums Author: P. Djeli Clark Genre: Science Fiction, Adult Series: Hopefully a Book 1 Publisher: Page Count: 108 Type of Book: New Release, Paperback Received: Library Review Word Count: 500 Rated: 5/5 stars Notes: So short, but oh so good! (Also that mention of Fillory at the acknowledgments at theContinue reading “New Release Review: The Black God’s Drums”

New Release Review: Arabella and the Battle of Venus

Title: Arabella and the Battle of Venus Author: David Levine Series: Book Two Genre: Science Fiction, Adult Fiction Publisher: Tor Books Page Count: 415 Type of Book: Hardback, New Release Received: Library Review Word Count: 600 Rated: 4/5 stars Notes: Ah, Arabella continues to delight! This was a perfect read to read after the heartbreakingContinue reading “New Release Review: Arabella and the Battle of Venus”

Monthly Wrap Up: November Reads

I read a lot of books in November. Around 30, in fact. For everyone else, the month of November seemed to have flown by, but for me it seemed to drag a bit. Whereas my favorite month (October) flew by with abandon. I read a couple of 600+page books, some fanfiction, and worked on writingContinue reading “Monthly Wrap Up: November Reads”

Netgalley Review: The Stars Now Unclaimed

Title: The Stars Now Unclaimed Author: Drew Williams Series: Book 1 Publisher: Tor Page Count: 500 Type of Book: Arc, Paperback Review Word Count: Received: Netgalley ARC Rated: 4/5 stars Notes: Science fiction, how I love thee. While not a book I would have selected were I at a library or bookstore, I selected thisContinue reading “Netgalley Review: The Stars Now Unclaimed”

Netgalley Review: The Psychology of Time Travel

  Title: The Psychology of Time Travel Author: Kate Mascarenhas Series: Genre: Science Fiction Publisher: Crooked Lane Books Page Count: 400 Type of Book: ARC Received from: Netgalley Rated: 4/5 stars Notes: That was interesting! Imagine if you would, four women inventing time travel. You could only travel to the point in time when theyContinue reading “Netgalley Review: The Psychology of Time Travel”

Top #5 Novellas On My TBR

I didn’t ever read Novellas before Murderbot came out, unless you count fanfiction novellas, but those weren’t physical books that I could hold in my hands and read. Novellas weren’t an important thing to me, as much as the next big hefty book that had at least 300+pages. But now, there are lots of NovellasContinue reading “Top #5 Novellas On My TBR”

Hardback Book Review: Reap the Wild Wind

Notes: Fixed the cover as well as the title of the review thanks to WayTooFantasy! Thanks for the assistance! Title: Reap the Wild Wind Author: Julie E. Cznezda Genre: Science Fiction, Adult Series: Book 1 Publisher: DAW Page Count: 600 Type of Book: Hardback, Book I Own Rated: 4/5 stars Notes: A slow burn scienceContinue reading “Hardback Book Review: Reap the Wild Wind”

September Reads: Almost 35 Books!

I can’t believe I was so close to reaching 50 books read in the month of September! And so many of them were such high rankings! This month was a real roller coaster ride of reads, and I have the feeling that October is going to be even better! {Note: I don’t have covers forContinue reading “September Reads: Almost 35 Books!”

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