Paperback Review: The Ghost Writer

Title: The Ghost Writer Author: Alessandra Torre Series: No Genre: Romance, Mystery/Thriller Page Count: 310 Publisher: Type of Book: Paperback, library loan Rated: 4/5 stars Review Word Count: 1,000 Notes: Why are all mystery/thriller books I read depressing? The Ghost Writer took me out of my comfort zone and into a place of depression, words, … Continue reading Paperback Review: The Ghost Writer

New Release Review: Vox

Title: Vox Author:  Christina Dalcher Series:  Don't think so Genre: Science Fiction Page Count: 336 pages Publisher: Berkley Review Word Count: 500 Rated: 5/5 stars Notes: This was a gut-wrenching novel that made me hate it just a little, or at least hate how the future could become. In a futuristic world where women can … Continue reading New Release Review: Vox

Kindle Ebook Review: Cursed: Broken

Title: Cursed: Broken Author: X Aratare Series: Book 1 Genre: Fantasy, Romance, M/M Page Count: 250 pages Publisher: Raythe  Reign Review Word Count: 400 Rated: 5/5 stars Notes: An LGBT, M/M Book Review Nick Fairfax didn’t want to spend a year at Bane’s home. But to save his family, he was willing to sacrifice a … Continue reading Kindle Ebook Review: Cursed: Broken

New Release Review: Brief Cases

Title: Brief Cases Author: Jim Butcher Series: Anthology/Dresden Files Genre: Fantasy, Urban, Adult Fiction Page Count: Publisher: Type of Book: Hardback, New Release, Library Loan Review Word Count: 400 Rated: 5/5 stars Jim Butcher continues to remain a high favorite of mine in regards to fantasy. I have always loved the Dresden Files verse, and … Continue reading New Release Review: Brief Cases