May 2021 TBR: An Assortment of Kindle and Physical Reads

A rather delayed TBR post, my apologies, but I’d been pondering how big I want this month’s tbr, considering the last month was a success, despite that I’m still not posting reviews just yet. As is, I’m really in the mood for a lot of books, and I’m really hoping to post reviews after IContinue reading “May 2021 TBR: An Assortment of Kindle and Physical Reads”

Netgalley Review: On Wilder Seas

On Wilder Seas by Nikki Marmery is a strange yet intriguing retelling of the Golden Hind. I don’t know anything about the original story, and the book itself was strongly written, with realistic characters, and a fascinating history of the ship and the people on it. In truth, I’m unsure of how to write thisContinue reading “Netgalley Review: On Wilder Seas”

Arc Review: The Kingdom of Liars

The Kingdom of Liars by Nick Martell was a fast paced political fantasy with rebellion, a unique magic set up, and plenty of intrigue. Yet though the writing was strong, I didn’t connect with the characters despite finding Michael Kingman an interesting character. This six hundred page fantasy epic had both magic and guns, explosionsContinue reading “Arc Review: The Kingdom of Liars”

Netgalley Review: Murder at Morrington Hall (Book 1 of a delightful new series!)

Title: Murder at Morrington Hall Author: Clara McKenna Series: Book 1 Genre: Mystery, Historical Publisher: Kensington Books Page Count: 300 Type of Book: Arc, Kindle Ebook Received: Netgalley Rated: 5/5 stars Review Word Count: 1,000 Notes: My, that was a lovely read! This was utterly delightful, and exactly the kind of book I’d been hopingContinue reading “Netgalley Review: Murder at Morrington Hall (Book 1 of a delightful new series!)”

Netgalley Review: The Lieutenant’s Nurse

Title: The Lieutenant’s Nurse Author: Sara Ackerman Series: ? Works as a Standalone Genre: Historical Fiction Publisher: Harlequin Mira Page Count: 300 Type of Book: Arc, Kindle Ebook Received: Netgalley Review Word Count: 500 Rated: 2.5 rounded up to 3/5 stars Notes: Pretty cover, meh story. I really wanted to like this book more thanContinue reading “Netgalley Review: The Lieutenant’s Nurse”

Netgalley Review: Contact by M.D. Neu

Title: Contact Author: M.D. Neu Series: Book 1 Genre: Science Fiction Page Count: 300 Publisher: Ninestar Press Type of Book: Arc, Kindle Ebook Review Word Count: 500 Rated: 4/5 stars Received: Netgalley Notes: Death of an lgbt character, but makes sense for the plot. Harsh swearing from two different characters, and a bomb attack aboutContinue reading “Netgalley Review: Contact by M.D. Neu”

Netgalley Arc: Lying Beneath the Oaks

Title: Lying Beneath the Oaks Author: Kristin Wright Series: Standalone/Debut Genre: Mystery/Romance Publisher: Bella Rosa Books Page Count: 300 Review Word Count: 600 Type of Book: Arc, Kindle Ebook Received: Netgalley Rated: 4.5/5 stars Notes: Read for the Buzz-Word-a-Thon! Really liked this one! This book was beautifully crafted, well written, with strong characters, and definitelyContinue reading “Netgalley Arc: Lying Beneath the Oaks”

Netgalley Review: Conspiracy of Lies

Title: Conspiracy of Lies Author: Kathryn Gauci Series: Standalone Genre: Historical/Mystery Publisher: ? Page Count: 300 Type of Book: Arc, Kindle Ebook Received: Netgalley Rated: 3 stars Review Word Count: 300 Notes: Not what I was expecting. Heavy sigh. I gave up at 40% in reading this book. With so many five star reviews, IContinue reading “Netgalley Review: Conspiracy of Lies”

Netgalley Review: Families and Other Enemies

Title: Families and Other Enemies Author: Christiana Dodd Series: Short Story Genre: Mystery Publisher: Harlequin Page Count: Type of Book: Arc, Kindle Ebook Received: Netgalley Rated: 3 stars Review Word Count: 300 Notes: It’s got the word ‘lies’ in ‘Families’ so that counts for Buzz-Word-a-Thon, right? Well, this was a bit different from my usualContinue reading “Netgalley Review: Families and Other Enemies”

Netgalley Review: Realm

Title: Realm Author: Alexandra Weis Series: Standalone Genre: Historical Romance (Adult Fiction) Publisher: Vesuvian Books Page Count: Type of Book: Netgalley ARC, Kindle Ebook Received: Netgalley, from the Publisher Rated: 4/5 stars Notes: Not available on Goodreads yet, so have to wait to review this there. This was a long book with over 60+ chapters.Continue reading “Netgalley Review: Realm”

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