Netgalley Review: Conviction

Title: Conviction Author: M. D. Neu Series: Book Two Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, LGBT, Futuristic Page Count: ? Publisher: Nine Star Press Release Date: March 15th Type of Book: Ebook, Kindle Book, ARC Review Word Count: 1000 Received: Netgalley Rated: 5/5 stars Notes: This series continues to delight. It went a different area than what … Continue reading Netgalley Review: Conviction

Netgalley Review: No Man of Woman Born

  Title: No Man of Woman Born Author: Ana Marsdell Series: Anthology Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult Publisher: Acacia Moon Publishing Page Count: 300 Type of Book: Netgalley ARC, Kindle Ebook Review Word Count: 600 Rated: 5/5 stars Notes: No Man of Woman Born. The title is what caught my eye, it was catchy and interesting … Continue reading Netgalley Review: No Man of Woman Born

Netgalley Review: Under the Midnight Sun

  Title: Under the Midnight Sun Author:  Lore Graham Genre: Fantasy, LGBT Page Count: 150/200 Publisher: Less Than Three Series:  ? Type of Book: ARC, Kindle Format, Netgalley Read Review Word Count: 400 Rated: 3.5/5 stars Notes: Possibly this might be my LGBT pick of the month book? I received this book from Netgalley after … Continue reading Netgalley Review: Under the Midnight Sun

Kindle Ebook Review: Cursed: Broken

Title: Cursed: Broken Author: X Aratare Series: Book 1 Genre: Fantasy, Romance, M/M Page Count: 250 pages Publisher: Raythe  Reign Review Word Count: 400 Rated: 5/5 stars Notes: An LGBT, M/M Book Review Nick Fairfax didn’t want to spend a year at Bane’s home. But to save his family, he was willing to sacrifice a … Continue reading Kindle Ebook Review: Cursed: Broken