Mystery/Thriller Book Reviews

Books From My Kindle Graveyard: Snapped

Hello Everyone, I decided to start actually reading the books in what I fondly call my "Kindle Graveyard" where I buy loads of freebies and then... never read them. I'm technically cheating as this is a recent purchase not an older one but I really was in the mood for a good thriller. And for… Continue reading Books From My Kindle Graveyard: Snapped


Kindle Book Review: Abducting Abby

Title: Abducting Abby Author: S. E. Smith? Series: Book 1 Genre: Science Fiction, Romance Page Count:  182 Publisher: Type of Book: Free Kindle Ebook, Amazon Ebook Year Published: ? Rated: 4/5 stars A bit more steamy than what I’m used to, however I thoroughly enjoyed this book regardless. Admittedly, I skimmed through the steamy bits,… Continue reading Kindle Book Review: Abducting Abby