Book Review: Daggerspell

Title: Daggerspell Author: Katherine Kurr Series: Book 1 Genre: Adult Fiction, Fantasy Publisher: Spectra Page Count: 600 Type of Book: Paperback Who Recommended it: My mother Received: bought secondhand Review Word Count: 500 Rated: 4/5 stars Notes: It didn’t end on a cliffhanger! Daggerspell was an interesting fantasy novel. I loved the start of it;Continue reading “Book Review: Daggerspell”

Book Review: Virgin River

Title: Virgin River Author: Robyn Carr Series: Book 1 Genre: Romance, Adult Fiction Publisher: Page Count: 500 Status: Completed Type of Book: Kindle Ebook Received: Library Loan Rated: 3.5 out of 5 stars Notes: Trigger warnings for detailed pregnancies, abandoned babies, army men returned from war, brief mention of spousal abuse, teens making poor choices,Continue reading “Book Review: Virgin River”

Book Review: Mystic and Rider

Title: Mystic and Rider Author: Sharon Shinn Series: Book 1 of 5 Genre: Adult Fantasy Publisher: Ace Page Count: 500 Status: DNF’d at 45% Type of Book: Mass Market Paperback, Owned Received: I honestly don’t remember where I got this, I got it *years* ago Rated: 2/5 stars Notes: Recommended for people bored and desperateContinue reading “Book Review: Mystic and Rider”

Book Review: Through Lya’s Eyes

Title: Through Lya’s Eyes Author: Carbone/Cunha Justine Series: Book 1 Genre: Mystery/Thriller Publisher: Europe Comics Page Count: Type of Book: Comic Book/Graphic Novel Received: Netgalley Rated: 2/5 stars Review Word Count: 100 Notes: This might possibly be my shortest review to date! This was a strange read for me, and wound up being a DNF.Continue reading “Book Review: Through Lya’s Eyes”

Book Review: Little Witches

Title: Little Witches Author: Leigh Dragoon Series: Book One Genre: Historical/Fantasy, YA Publisher: Oni Press Page Count: 115 (?) Type of Book: Comic/Graphic Novel Received: Netgalley Rated: 4/5 stars Notes: A new category for my blog! I’ve started diving into Comics and Graphic Novels, so I figured to add the new button! Little Witches tookContinue reading “Book Review: Little Witches”

Hardback Book Review: Song in the Silence

Title: Song in the Silence Author: Elizabeth Kerner Series: Book 1 Genre: Fantasy, Adult Fiction Publisher: Tom Doherty Page Count: 400 Type of Book: Hardback Received: Library Loan Review Word Count: 500 Rated: 5/5 stars Notes: Short review, long book. Epic fantasy at it’s finest. Fans of Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey, Andre Norton, and RobertContinue reading “Hardback Book Review: Song in the Silence”

New Release Review: Once and Future

Title: Once and Future Author: Amy Rose Capetta + Cori McCarthy Series: Book 1 Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction Publisher: Hatchett Page Count: 400 Type of Book: Hardback, New Release Received: Library Rated: 5/5 stars Review Word Count: 500 Notes: Read for the “Ancient Runes” category of my O.W.L. Exams/Read-a-Thon, for in Ancient Runes you wereContinue reading “New Release Review: Once and Future”

Netgalley Review: Murder at Morrington Hall (Book 1 of a delightful new series!)

Title: Murder at Morrington Hall Author: Clara McKenna Series: Book 1 Genre: Mystery, Historical Publisher: Kensington Books Page Count: 300 Type of Book: Arc, Kindle Ebook Received: Netgalley Rated: 5/5 stars Review Word Count: 1,000 Notes: My, that was a lovely read! This was utterly delightful, and exactly the kind of book I’d been hopingContinue reading “Netgalley Review: Murder at Morrington Hall (Book 1 of a delightful new series!)”

Netgalley Review: Penne Dreadful

Title: Penne Dreadful Author: Catherine Burns Series: Book 1 of the Italian Chef Mystery Series Genre: Mystery, Thriller Page Count: 500 Publisher: Sourcebooks Type of Book: Netgalley Read, Kindle Ebook Received: Netgalley Rated: 5/5 stars Review Word Count: Notes: A wonderful start to a new mystery series that will surely leave readers hungry for more!Continue reading “Netgalley Review: Penne Dreadful”

Netgalley Review: A Spell for Murder

Title: A Spell for Murder Author: Clea Simmon Series: book 1 Genre: Mystery (Cozy) Publisher: Polis Books Page Count: 400 Type of Book: Netgalley ARC, Kindle Ebook Received: Netgalley Rated: 5/5 stars This is a cozy mystery book that’s seemingly told from the cats point of view. Need I say more? Well, apparently I mustContinue reading “Netgalley Review: A Spell for Murder”

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