Book Review: Through Lya’s Eyes

Title: Through Lya’s Eyes Author: Carbone/Cunha Justine Series: Book 1 Genre: Mystery/Thriller Publisher: Europe Comics Page Count: Type of Book: Comic Book/Graphic Novel Received: Netgalley Rated: 2/5 stars Review Word Count: 100 Notes: This might possibly be my shortest review to date! This was a strange read for me, and wound up being a DNF. … Continue reading Book Review: Through Lya’s Eyes

Book Review: Little Witches

Title: Little Witches Author: Leigh Dragoon Series: Book One Genre: Historical/Fantasy, YA Publisher: Oni Press Page Count: 115 (?) Type of Book: Comic/Graphic Novel Received: Netgalley Rated: 4/5 stars Notes: A new category for my blog! I’ve started diving into Comics and Graphic Novels, so I figured to add the new button! Little Witches took … Continue reading Book Review: Little Witches