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TBR BOOKS: 100+ Books I STILL Haven’t Read

Hello Everyone, I'm sure we're all guilty of having books on our shelves languishing on our shelves, sitting and waiting with accusing eyes. I've easily got several dozen that I am guilty of not reading yet. Here's a bit of a list of all that I'm hoping to get to soon! So settle in, bring… Continue reading TBR BOOKS: 100+ Books I STILL Haven’t Read

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Book Review: Hawksmaid

Hello friends, Hawksmaid by Kathryn Lasky is a┬áretelling of Robin Hood and Maid Marion. A children's fiction story of Maid Marion, this was not at all what I was hoping for it to be, in that while it contained action and plot, it also contained Christianity and praying every few chapters. I liked the writing… Continue reading Book Review: Hawksmaid