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(This Week’s) New Books

I’m starting a new segment for my book blog, called

(This Week’s) New Books.
Yesterday, I went by a flea market that usually has books for cheap and ones I’ve been wanting to get my hands on.

New Books:

Crocodiles on a Sandbank-Elizabeth Peters (apparently, someone really loved Amelia Peabody because the booth had over fifteen copies of the series, and other books by the author…all for fifty cents apiece! If I didn’t have a budget, I’d have snagged all of them.)

Kit’s Wilderness-David Almond (never read this author, but the book won the Michael L. Printz Award, and it seems interesting, so I’ll give it a go.)

Sir Stalwart-Dave Duncan (I always try to go for fantasy! And the person he thanks in the acknowledgements is Anne McCaffrey, of whom I love!)

Two books that are part of a Victorian mystery set by Robin Paige, Death at Devil’s Bridge and Death at Epsom Downs. Don’t know much about this series or the author but they are Berkley books and generally Berkley is pretty good!

And, last but not least:

The Grimm’s Curse-Janna Jennings This one is on my kindle, which is why I left it for last.

And those are the newest books I have currently. I may go to the bookstore here after a while, and I am looking forward to new books in the mail.

My next post will be a couple of book reviews, and I may do another post soon on what books I really want.

In the meantime…

Happy Reading!

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New Book (Signed!)

As most of those who follow me, I spent the weekend at Comic Con, where there were amazing costumes, really nice people, lots of geeks and nerds, and several cool booths/panels to visit. I got a few prints (Bucky Barnes, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, and others), and I got an autographed book by Jennifer Sights (who’s a very nice person).

My picture with the author is on my mom’s phone (mine ran out of battery, we took a TON of pictures and videos, as this was our first comic con), and so I’m just simply doing a book cover and reviewing the book.


On Goodreads: During a routine case, private investigator Elena Ronen meets and falls in love with Vittorio Santini, member of a secret coven, and a kiss awakens her dormant magical powers. Because Elena wields an extremely powerful form of magic, she struggles to convince her enemies she has no desire to take over the coven. When loyalties are questioned, and Elena can no longer tell friend from foe, she must prove she wants nothing more than to live her life quietly. When this wish falls on deaf ears, Elena and Vittorio must work together to defeat their enemies as they try to save their love, their lives, and the lives of those they care about.  

Overall, it’s a good book. I sped read through for the first bit, and I’m going to go and read it again here in a minute. But I really enjoyed it. Elena’s character was very entertaining, and I liked the other characters just as much. The plot was interesting, the writing was good, and I have the feeling I’m going to look forward to more by this author. So please,  check this book out! Spread the word. Read the book.

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Beautiful Books: Leather and Gold Editions

So I found this website when browsing for leather books (because I need more of those in my life, as they’re very beautiful and my grandmother has more of them than I do!) and while the books are gorgeous, the cheapest one is $39. Yikes! EastonPressBooks

Still, you have to admire how beautiful they are. I’m debating (and budgeting) on getting a few of them, so that I can have them later in life when I’m old and cranky like my grandmother, who I still love to pieces. Leather books have always been a secret (well, perhaps not so secret now) love affair of mine, and they generally have very good stories in them as well.

I’m thinking my first set will be the $110 six set of Dune novels by Frank Herbert. I’ve recently seen the series with John Hurt in it and loved it, and I’ve also read the first novel, but I’ve not gotten to the rest. Dune is excellent, and a classic in its own right, don’t you guys think?

What should I do? Save my money for more important things, or save my money and eventually-eventually!-grow a beautiful book collection?

EDIT: Also, Happy Comic Con day!!!!

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Summer Reading

So I found a really cool bookstore called Half-Price books.


Sadly, it’s about an hour outside of St. Louis where my sister lives, so I can only drop by there when I go visit my sister. (More reasons to drop by St. Louis! Visiting family, seeing the massive libraries, looking at cool buildings, and now a bookstore!)


It’s a very cool bookstore that’s even got record players and records. I still haven’t managed to get a record player, sadly, but I might be looking at getting one as early as Christmas? I don’t know yet, I’m still shopping around for a good one that’s also cheap. Anyways, books!


The last time I went I only got two because it was such short notice. Next time I’m hoping to get more, because I’ll have books to get rid of trade! I’m very hopeful. And I go in a few days to St. Louis again, so YAY! More time at the bookstore! 🙂

But that’s part of why I’ve been gone from my blog is because I haven’t been able to get on, as I’ve been traveling/busy. Just so you lot know.

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Happy Easter!

Though I won’t be enjoying chocolate or anything of that sort for this Easter, as I am working on LOSING weight, not gaining. Though I will say that it’s rather disappointing not enjoying the traditional chocolate bunny that I normally receive.

Other than that, not much is going on. I got a new book yesterday as a treat for Easter. Here’s what it looks like:


I’m in chapter four (chapter five?) and I’m really enjoying it thus far. Amanda Hocking is a pretty decent writer, and makes the story seem real even just at the start of the story, which is impressive in itself. I got a good deal on this book, as it’s three in one and I only paid about $9.59 or something like that.


Happy Easter everyone!

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Top Five Books I Want To Read…

I really don’t have the money to buy them right now though. I’ve got less than six dollars, and Barnes and Nobles books are generally a lot pricier than that. Though there are quite  a few that have caught my eye. Such as some Rainbow Rowell novels, or perhaps some of those Colleen Hoover books. Regardless, I like looking at books, even if I can’t buy them.

At least it’ll give me ideas about my next book run coming up. I’ve got a long list of books that I’m interested in reading, and I’m pretty sure that most of them are new. Here’s a short list of books that I really want to read that I haven’t been able to get a hold of (aren’t in my library):


1. Landline by Rainbow Rowell-I’ve been wanting to read this one for a while, and it’s just sitting there on the shelf, teasing me as I walk past it because I don’t want to pick it up and get halfway through, and then have to leave. It’s depressing, but at least next month I may be able to get it!


2. Hopeless by Colleen Hoover-yet another book that looks really good and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. (Actually I’ve heard a lot of good things about C. H in general!)


3. Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys-this one looks absolutely beautiful, but to be honest this is one of those ‘judge a book by its cover’. I haven’t heard next to anything about it. I hope it’s as good as it .


4. All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven-another one that I’ve been hearing chatter on. It looks interesting and sounds like it will be a good story. Hopefully it’s as good as it sounds.


5. A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin-I’ve actually read this before, but my family wants to read it, and after seeing the show  I wouldn’t mind reading the entire series, as I only ever read the first book.

And there you have it-the books that are on my ‘to-buy’ shelf. I’ve got a lot of other books that I’m interested in of course, but these are the ones I’m interested in most.