ARC Book Review: Murder Feels Awful

Title: Murder Feels Awful Author: Bill Alive Genre: Mystery, Humor, Suspense Series: Book 1 Page Count: Publisher: Type of Book: ARC, Kindle Ebook   If Sherlock Holmes had the power of empathy, this would be how the books would feel… Sorry, couldn’t resist that little pun up there. Murder Feels Awful is a fun mystery … Continue reading ARC Book Review: Murder Feels Awful

Paperback Book Review: Traitor’s Blade

Title: Traitor’s Blade Author: Sebastien de Castell Series: 1 out of ? Genre: Fantasy Page Count: 370 Type of Book: Library Paperback Rated: 4/5 stars Traitor’s Blade took me by surprise. On the one hand, I loved the characters and the world that the book contained. It was a fun read, fast paced, gritty and … Continue reading Paperback Book Review: Traitor’s Blade