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TBR Lows & Highest: #1

Hosted by: Howling Libraries
Description: Sort your Goodreads TBR shelf by date added, ascending. Find 5-10 (or more, if you feel ambitious!) titles to purge from your TBR (the “lows”). Post those 5 books in the list, with a brief explanation of why you removed it. Next, sort your Goodreads TBR shelf by date added, descending. List the last 5 (or more!) books you added to your TBR, with a synopsis or your brief summary of why you added it (the “highs”).

*Notes: I do this on my phone, so actually deleting the books have to wait until I get online with my laptop. I’ll be doing 10 books to start with!


1: Keep. I really loved the first book, I don’t know why I haven’t read this one yet, except I’m terrible at finishing series!

#2: Keep! I adore this author.

#3: Keep! I also adore this author.

#4: Keep. This is part of what I grew up on but again never reached this part of the series.

#5: Keep. Another author I adore!!!

#6: Keep. I haven’t finished this series either? Why on Earth not?

#7: Keep. But I don’t remember book one at all except that I liked it.

#8: Reject. I’ve had this one on my shelf for years. I’m clearly not going to read it any time soon.

#9: Rejected. Sounds great to me but again it’s been sitting for years untouched. Maybe I might get it one day but I doubt it!

#10: Rejected. I like this author but not getting to this one either.


And that’s it! I kept 7 and got rid of 3. Not a great start but I hope to improve with time!

What books are you keeping on your Goodreads? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Pass Me That Book.

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Thursdays Meme: Book From the Backlog

Hello friends,

Books from the Backlog is a fun way to feature some of those neglected books sitting on your bookshelf unread. If you are anything like me, you might be surprised by some of the unread books hiding in your stacks.
Hosted by: Carole’s Random Life in Books

*Notes: I tend to recognize and remember most books that I have added, though there are surprises. So I’ll scroll through and pick a few that I have forgotten about!


Will I read it? Yes. Once I can locate a copy at my library.

Will I read it? Yup. I like this author though I’d forgotten about this book.

Will I read it? Yup. This sounds delightful with a character that’s a talking dinosaur that lives in the attic. *Want*

Will I read it? That cover is gorgeous but this one is a maybe.

Will I read it? Yup. This one sounds right up my alley!


That’s all I have for now! I’ll be attempting to do memes all through the year. Let me know what you think. Have you read any of these? I’m hoping to get to them soon before I forget about them again.

Until next time,

Pass Me That Book

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My 1st Meme of 2020: What Are You Reading?

Welcome friends,

What Are You Reading Wednesday @ Taking on a World of Words. It’s a weekly meme that asks you to answer the 3 Ws every week (What are you currently reading? What did you recently finish reading?What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading:

I’m just starting two books that I haven’t read but I am familiar with both authors and like their previous work.

I hope to finish both within a few days and then I have arcs to read as well!

Recently Read:

I just finished this yesterday and very much enjoyed it. I will be continuing on with the series!

Possibly Reading Next:

At the start of the year, the choices are endless. I also have a few reading challenges to knock out as well. I’d like to read the rest of the Martha Wells Murderbot series, Come Tumbling Down by Seanan McGuire, and hopefully get through all my Netgalley arcs as well but considering how many I have that’s doubtful.

What are you reading this week? Have you read anything of what I mentioned? Let me know in the comments. If you’re new here, please like and subscribe!

Until next time,

Pass Me That Book.

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Blog Update: Merry Christmas!

Hello friends,

Merry Christmas to all. I hope everyone is having a delightful holiday. If you’re one who doesn’t celebrate the holidays, then I hope you’re day is going well. I’ve updated my blog, so that it’s easier to read and navigate. I’ll be making more changing, as I figure out what I want my blog to look like, apart from neat, clean and organized.

Next year Goals:

*Read 500 books

*Post more reviews

*Knock down that TBR cart from 8000 to 5000

*Clean out my shelves


*Learn more complicated HTML


And that’s all that I have so far. I’m hoping to get more productive next year in reading as well, and not have a huge reading slump again. The writing bug bit me hard towards the last half of 2019. I’m hoping it won’t be that way for next year. I might have to hide my computer, in order to read more than write, lol.

But that’s all I have to update y’all on.

Happy holidays,

-Pass Me That Book

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Monthly Wrap Up: November 2019

Hello Friends,

Welcome to my first wrap up that I’ve posted in the past few months. I skipped two of them, because I just didn’t feel like posting even though they’re written and ready to go. I’ll include them in my Goodreads Wrap Up book. I had to stop and see where I started to read this month, I’ve been slacking in keeping track, so I’m unsure if this is what I’ve read actually thus far. I could be a book or two off, but I’ll try not to be. I apparently lost the will to keep track a few months before the end of the year. I’m hoping to do better next year in regards to such! Here are the books read with ratings:

1. The Scotsman Who Swept Me Away by Hannah Howell 3 stars
2.The Secret Hour by Scott Westerfield 5 stars re-read
3.Wolf Lost by Sam Burns 5 stars LGBT pick
4.Kidnapped by the Pirate by Keira Andrews 5 stars LGBT pick
5.The Glovemaker Ann Weisgarber 3 stars
6.Prince for Sale by Caroline Gibson 5 stars LGBT pick
7.Wrong Way Home by K. A. Merikan 4 stars LGBT pick
8.The Burning Bridge by John Flanagan 4 stars
9.The Winter Witch by Paula Brackston 4 stars
10.The Year We Fell From Space by A.S. King 4 stars
11.Brine and Bone by Kate Stradling 3.5 stars
12.Interview with Diana Gabaldon by Andrew Gull 4 stars
13.The Secret Book and Scone Society 5 stars re-read
14.A Hidden Magic by Vivian Vande Velde 4 stars re-read
15.Mystic City by Theo Lawrence 3.5 stars re-read
16.The Sentinel Mage by Emily Gee 5 stars LGBT pick

Not many five star books, unfortunately. I’m hoping to do better in the month of December. One month left, until the new year. Next year, I’m going to attempt to be more active in posting reviews, as well as more prompt. In the meantime, hope everyone’s Thanksgiving holidays were good, even as we’re nearing Christmas and I’m a bit late in posting. Cheers.

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book.

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Book Review: The Winter Witch


The Winter Witch

Title: The Winter Witch
Author: Paula Brackston
Series: Book 1
Genre: Adult Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
Page Count: 400
Received: Library
Type of Book: Paperback, Physical Copy, Library Loan
Review Word Count: 500
Rated: 3.5/5 stars
Notes: I loved the writing style, but the depressing mood the story set was not what I was after at all.

The Winter Witch is a book that’s been on my radar to read for a couple years now, and I’m pleased I finally got it done. The cover is one of my favorites, it’s a perfect holiday read, and the atmospheric writing and characters are beautiful and well wrought. With an air of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, I was certain that this would be a new favorite.

Fledgling witch Morgana must defend her love, her home, and her life in this enthralling tale perfect for fans of Discovery of Witches

In her small early nineteenth century Welsh town, there is no one quite like Morgana, who has not spoken since she was a young girl. Her silence is a mystery, as well as her magic. Concerned for her safety, her mother is anxious to see her married, and Cai Jenkins, a widower from the far hills, seems the best choice.

After her wedding, Morgana is heartbroken at leaving her mother, and wary of this man, whom she does not know, and who will take her away to begin a new life. But she soon falls in love with Cai’s farm and the wild mountains that surround it. Cai works to understand the beautiful, half-tamed creature he has chosen for a bride, and slowly, he begins to win Morgana’s affections. It’s not long, however, before her strangeness begins to be remarked upon in her new village. A dark force is at work there—a person who will stop at nothing to turn the townspeople against Morgana. Forced to defend her home, her man, and herself, Morgana must learn to harness her power, or she will lose everything.

-Summary as seen on Goodreads

This, however, was rather depressing, and almost lax in that there wasn’t hardly anything going on. I liked Morgana a lot, and I liked that the character had chosen to be mute. I rarely find that in adult fiction, and I feel as though it were well handled. But the sheer amount of bullying, hateful and cruel comments, and general disregard for her intelligent simply because she chose not to speak was a serious mood killer at times. I appreciate the author attempting to be historically accurate with this, and I rather enjoyed the descriptive scenes of passages throughout the book. It alternated between character povs as well, but I didn’t mind overmuch, as it neatly flowed throughout the story.

Overall, I’m giving this a 3.5 raising it to 4 stars out of 5. Strong writing, great main characters…if it wasn’t just so depressing and moody for Morgana, I might have enjoyed it more. I might try the author again in the future. Strongly recommend that the reader keeps a box of tissues on hand for possible triggers in regards to abuse.

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book

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Last of the Year: TBR

Hello friends,

I have several books on my radar that I’m attempting to squeeze into the last two months of the year, in order to reach my goal of 250 books on Goodreads, the highest amount of books read in the year that I’ve ever attempted. I’m four books AHEAD of schedule, so that’s good at least, but I’d like to be done before the end of this month.

Goodreads Stats: 218/250

Which means that I have 32 books remaining. I’m choosing the top books on my radar to get through, and crossing my fingers that I can get through them. That’ my goal. These are all books that I somehow missed in the last year. These books are from these categories: Library Ebooks, Arcs, Best Sellers, Gifts/Loans, Library Requested, Blogger Rec’d, YouTube favs, and so on. I’ve pulled books from so many different places, and I’m hoping to get to every last one of these, and not continue with the dreadful reading slump of the previous two months! Here’s to fingers crossed, and the books listed below:

If there are duplicates, apologies, as this was a hastily thrown together post. I have another post coming of all the arcs that are due on Netgalley + Edelweiss, which I think will wind up being a 2-parter. Have y’all read any of these books? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, and good luck to all our TBRs at the end of the year,

-Pass Me That Book

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November TBR: Ninth House + Seanan McGuire + Monthly Wrap Up Fail

I’ve been really in a reading mood lately, and I’ve been struggling with a terrible slump as well. I’ve been slumpy the past three months, and it’s frustrating and annoying. @HowlingLibraries understands this, her posts about overdue arcs, terrible reading slumps, and so forth are exactly the same sort of issues that I’m going through myself.

There are several books on my radar for November. It’s also Believeathon, but I highly doubt that I’ll be participating in any readathons this month. My priority goal is to simply knock out as many books as possible, instead of just the 15/20 books that I’ve been managing the past couple of months and that’s with forced attention to it. I’m hoping to knock out several arcs on my Netgalley, because that’s becoming a serious issue. I’ve got library books that are due. I’ve also several physical books that I *still* haven’t gotten to. The situation is critical. I need to get some serious reading done for the month of November.

So with that in mind, I’m putting up all the books that are on my radar that I’m going to read. I’m going to try to read 50 books this month. I know that sounds like an enormous amount, but there was at least two months previously that I almost made 50 before, reaching 45. So if I just push myself to actually read, damnit, I should get this well taken care of. {I’m also going to write reviews as soon as I finish reading the damn book, so that I don’t forget to do that later either.}

Also, apologies for failing the wrap up for the previous two months. I typed things out but never posted them, and really don’t feel like doing so. However, I vow to do so for November, especially with all that I plan on reading as well!

So, 50 books for November. Have I picked one up yet? No. But today is paying bills day, and so far I haven’t had a chance to do so. I’m going to read every couple of hours before bed, and first thing in the morning. I’m going to try to prioritize. Hopefully this will work. Thanks to @HowlingLibraries for kicking my ass into gear. Her posts about managing arcs are very inspirational!

Here are the books on my radar. (Apologies to those who are fixing to scroll, as well as for the above ranting at myself.):

Top Five Books I’m Reading This Month:


Random Books I Plan to Get To: 


Believe-a-thon Children’s Books I’m Reading: 


Those are just some of the books that I plan on getting to this month. Currently, I’m reading “The Glovemaker” by Ann Weisbarger, and next up is “Wine and Punishment” by Sarah Fox.  I’m going to TRY to do the believathon, but I highly doubt I’ll manage to with everything happening in November. Still, I fly through Children’s fiction pretty quick, so who knows, I might be able to manage reading all these books regardless. That’s my plan, anyhow.

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book.

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Book Review: Mistress of Mellyn

Mistress of Mellyn

Title: Mistress of Mellyn
Author: Victoria Holt
Genre: Adult Romance/Suspense
Series: No
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Page Count: 400
Received: Yard Sale
Format: Physical
Review Word Count: 500
Rated: 4/5 stars
Notes: A rather nice, slightly spooky historical romance intrigue novel for Halloween.


Mistress of Mellyn is not my first Victoria Holt that I’ve read, though it has been a while since I’ve picked one of her books up. I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy her writing; the spooky atmosphere, the details, the characters-all of it is rather really well done. This one was just not quite spooky enough, but it definitely had a dark mysterious vibe to it that was ripe for Halloween, and made me glad that I selected this one for one of the last books of the month to read. I found myself reading this over the course of four days, letting the rich atmosphere build, until it reached a satisfying conclusion.

Goodreads Summary:

Mount Mellyn stood as proud and magnificent as she had envisioned… But what about its master–Connan TreMellyn? Was Martha Leigh’s new employer as romantic as his name sounded? As she approached the sprawling mansion towering above the cliffs of Cornwall, an odd chill of apprehension overcame her.

TreMellyn’s young daugher, Alvean, proved as spoiled and difficult as the three governesses before Martha had discovered. But it was the girl’s father whose cool, arrogant demeanor unleashed unfamiliar sensations and turmoil–even as whispers of past tragedy and present danger begin to insinuate themselves into Martha’s life.

Powerless against her growing desire for the enigmatic Connan, she is drawn deeper into family secrets–as passion overpowers reason, sending her head and heart spinning. But though evil lurks in the shadows, so does love–and the freedom to find a golden promise forever…

I liked the main character. She was gutsy, strong and had a no-nonsense manner about her that wasn’t off putting though sometimes seemed unreasonable in certain situations. I felt she could have handled the children better in some parts, but otherwise, she was not abusive or cruel towards them at all. There were some questionable teaching methods involved, but as this is an old book, I let that slide. Otherwise, I thought she handled everything nicely.

The mystery element was one of a ghostly nature. She’s apparently a dead ringer for the children’s mother, who passed away several years ago, or so people have claimed, but the stories don’t match up. The mystery is well woven, and kept me guessing until the end, though I suspected I knew where it was heading, I was surprised when I realized that I’d guessed wrong which is always nice in reading.

Overall, I really liked this. Strong writing, great characters, and a good read for Halloween. I gave it four out of five stars, and will continue on with reading more of Victoria Holt’s books.

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book

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Book Review: Foul Play

Foul Play

Title: Foul Play
Author: Janet Evanovich
Genre: Adult Romance
Page Count: 250
Publisher: Harper Fiction
Type of Book: Paperback, Owned
Received: Thrift Store
Review Word Count: 500
Rated: 3.5 stars rounded up to 4/5 stars
Notes: A silly yet pleasant, a great read for fall

I randomly picked up one of my many, many Janet Evanovich books that I hadn’t read (I think I’ve about thirty of them I’ve not gotten my way through yet, I really need to re-read the series at the start too of Stephanie Plum) and finished this in one sitting, admittedly skimming through a large portion in the middle.

The book was silly, but not bad. I liked Amy and Elliot. I liked the animals. I liked the ridiculous situations that the characters got in. It didn’t wow the pants off of me as a story, but I still was entertained regardless. Amy reminded me similarly to Stephanie, in a weird kind of way. A subtle similarity that barely surfaced. I believe these books were pre-Stephanie Plum, though I could be wrong. I’d have to check on Goodreads to be sure.

The plot is as follows from Goodreads

When Amy Klasse loses her TV job to a dancing chicken, handsome veterinarian Jake Elliott rescues her with an offer to be his receptionist. Jake just can’t resist a damsel in distress, and Amy certainly doesn’t mind Jake’s charming sincerity.
Then suddenly the job-stealing chicken disappears and Amy is suspected of foul play. Amy and Jake search for clues to prove her innocence. But will Jake be able to prove to Amy that love, too, is a mystery worth solving?

Overall, I liked it. I’m glad I read it, because it was fun. I’m getting repetitive, so I’ll just end things here. If you’re a fan of Janet Evanovich? I’d recommend trying this when you don’t feel like reading anything serious during the holidays. It’s a good fall read, and with lots of funny moments, I found myself grinning quite a bit through this one.

3.5 rounded up to 4/5 stars.

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book