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WWW Wednesday:

Hello Everyone,

Here’s another WWW Wednesday, though I skipped the last two weeks, oops. I’m hoping to try to keep on track but honestly I kept not realizing that Wednesday had come and gone by the time I was going to post these up on my blog. 😬 Where has all the time gone these days? πŸ€”

What am I currently reading?

A mix of things! I’m in a weird reading mood. I’m also trying to still read lots of Netgalley arcs so, yeah…

What did I recently finish reading?

I actually had to go to Goodreads to figure out what all I read… apparently it was a lot more than I thought!

A lot of these were arcs for Netgalley but a few were sadly dnf’s. I think my favorite out of the batch is probably The Goblin Emperor. I loved it. Least favorite? Easily Ink and Sigil. That was such a disappointment especially since I adored the authors Iron Druid series.

What am I reading next?

I have no clue, but definitely arcs from Netgalley. Here’s a few on my wishlist…

A lot of these are Netgalley arcs, all of them actually except for Seasons of the Storm. I’m hoping to really increase my Netgalley percentage and I also want a lot of books knocked out my ever growing tbr. Hopefully I can manage a few of these but if not then there’s still lots of time left. I think I’m most looking forward to The Dragon Republic but I’m hoping it won’t break me though I know it will.

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book

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