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WWW Wednesday: Not Much Read

Hello Everyone,

I haven’t read a whole lot as I got busy again with RealLife getting in the way but I still managed a few. One of which I don’t have a picture of unfortunately so ignoring that one.

What did I Read?:

My favorite out of all these was Idyll Threats surprisingly enough! I’ve already requested books two and three at the library. A murder mystery set in a small town where the MC is a sheriff that’s secretly gay. Delightful! The rest were all equally good, though some I liked better than others. Some reviews coming soon!

What Am I Currently Reading?:

I’m still working on my buddy read of Jasmine Throne, and I’m about 15% in. Really liking it. Hope to knock out the other two today, Black Water Sister being an Netgalley Arc.

What Am I Reading Next?:

She Who Became the Sun-library physical book

Cemetery Boys-Netgalley Arc

The Strange Case of the Alchemist Daughter-library physical copy

Jade Fire Gold-waiting for hold at library

A Dark and Hollow Star-library ebook

Priory of the Orange Tree-owned ebook

The Sisters of the Winter Wood-owned physical arc

The Library of Fates-owned physical book

Never Die-Owned ebook

The Goblin Emperor-waiting for hold copy at library

I hope to get all these read, though Priory is a beast of a book and let’s not forget that I’m reading something exciting for Halloween:

I think I’m definitely nervous reading this but also hugely excited. It’s fitting for Halloween too, isn’t it? Happy Halloween everyone and hope your reading goes well!

Until next time,

-Pass Me That Book

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