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Netgalley Review: Night Owls and Summer Skies


Hello friends,

Night Owls and Summer Skies by Rebecca Sullivan is a Wattpad book that I wanted to like so much more than I did. I made it about forty percent before giving up. The spacing of this book was weird. There were a large amount of grammatical errors, and the book clearly needed an editor.

That aside, the story itself had promise-a girl, Emma, is foisted off her mother into a camp for the summer, as her mother goes on her unexpected honeymoon. I say unexpected because her mother failed to mention she’d gotten married. And her mother is embarrassed about her daughter being gay. It’s a family complicated situation all around, but the essential bit is that Emma is not thrilled about spending the rest of summer at a camp-the same camp she learned of her parents divorce.

As far as books go, this wasn’t bad-it just didn’t wow me as much as the cover did, which that cover is absolutely gorgeous. I shouldn’t be suckered into a book based on a cover, but regretfully, it does happen now and again. This book was also read and chosen from me for Pride Month. I was hoping more from it, but it failed to deliver on my hopefulness.

Overall, I’m rewarding this 3 out of five stars, and I’m now off to choose my next book.

Until next time,
Pass Me That Book

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