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Arc Review: Priest of Lies

Priest of Lies

Title: Priest of Lies
Author: Peter McLean
Series: Book 2
Genre: Fantasy, Adult Fiction
Page Count: 400
Publisher: Ace
Type of Book: Arc, Physical Copy, Paperback
Received: Publisher
Review Word Count: 500
Rated: 4/5 stars
Notes: Ah, the build-up of anticipation! Now I just need the next book…

The sequel to the Priest of Bones was an excellent and much needed grimdark fantasy read at its finest. With a build up of plot, characters, and another look into the past of the world they’re in as well as what might come, I very much enjoyed this wonderful installment into the series, and thank the publisher for a copy which in no way or shape changes my review.

The characters were more fleshed out. We saw more action, more Tomas, and more war. I liked every part of this book, and it’s easily one of my most favorite grimdark fantasies that I’ve read to date. It ranks right up there with Anna Smith Spark, and Ed McDonald.

Overall, 4/5 stars, and I would very much like to have the next book in the series, ASAP.

Until next time,
-Pass Me That Book

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