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New Release Review: Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue


Title: Out of the Blue
Author: Sophie Cameron
Series: I Really Hope So
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Paranormal
Page Count 270
Publisher: Roaring Books Press
Type of Book: New Release, Hardback, Library Loan, Debut
Review Word Count: 300
Rated: 3/5 stars
Notes: What? That’s seriously the ending of the book?!

Well, that was fun. In a edge of your seat, why are the Beings (angels) falling from the sky, and where are they coming from.

Hint: we never get to learn the answer.

I loved the characters. Jaya, Allie, Rani, Teacake…even Jaya’s dad is likeable enough at the end of the book. I love the plot, the setting.

I. Hate. The. Ending.

While it’s a happy ending, we never learn why the angels, excuse me, Beings come falling out of the sky. Why only a few towards the end of the book are strong enough to survive the literal crash landing. It’s frustrating and annoying, being given that big of a mystery at the beginning of the book, only to have the answer never revealed.

Towards the end of the book, when I had fifty pages left to go, I felt as if maybe the answer could be explained.

Towards twenty pages, I was hoping the answer would be rushed through.

Then the end of the book came, and what did we learn? Nothing. At. All.

While it was nice, seeing Teacake and the others have their happy ending, and some family issues get resolved in Jaya’s family…

I was really more interested in the mystery of why the Beings were falling from the sky to begin with.

The writing is excellent. The story is a fast-paced adventure. The characters are all awesome.

But the ending, while it being a happy one, sucks.

Hoping the next book proves to be better,
-Pass Me That Book

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