What I Want to Read in April

I already have most of a list picked out. My goal is to average a book a day (or at least half a book a day) during any bit of spare time that I have, when not working on my own writing. This month will be more for reading than writing, I hope. Anyway, these are some of the books that I want to get to this month!

I’m gonna try to read all of these in three weeks. Let’s see if I can’t keep the schedule. There’s a few new releases coming out, and other books too that I’m also interested in finishing. Don’t Look at Me is also the Indie Read of the Month that I’m hoping to finish. I’m a couple of chapters into it now, and am enjoying it so far!

But those are the picks for the month at the moment, with a handful of others that are waiting on the sideline.

Aside from that…

Happy Easter and April everyone.


-Pass Me That Book

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