Bookstore Trip!

Today I get to go to the bookstore!

Which means that there will be more bookish hauls in the future. I’ve been reading less due to writing my own books, but I’m still actively reading throughout the day. I’ve a few that I’m working on now that are PDF files, but having physical books are always better, I think.

I plan on getting some more swords and sorcery type fantasy novels, because I’ve been feeling like reading those lately. I also want to find a copy of The Magicians by Lev Grossman. I’ve seen the show, and I read the book once before but its been some time, and I really want to own my own copy.

So, a trip to the bookstore, and I’m at the library now writing this up. Books abound! Its looking to be a beautiful day involving lots and lots of books!



Pass Me That Book!

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