Kindle Ebook Review: Otherkin

Title: Otherkin
Author: Nina Berry
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance/Teen
Rated: 3.5/5 stars
Series: Yes
Tags: shapeshifting, girl locked in cage, girl saves people, girl has ultimate decision to make, girl falls for boy, girl is smart and stupid when it comes to boy, school for various shifters, lots of predator vs. prey, surprising LGBT in this book that made me very happy, diverse atmosphere, a hidden school for special kids, other
Recommended for: Fans of Dun Lady’s Jess, T’witches Series, and the Sweep series

This is a wonderful story about a girl who looses her cool and transforms into a tiger. If that doesn’t catch your attention, then maybe this will: she goes to a school similar to that of the xmen only these teenagers just shift into animals, they don’t have other abilities. Each comes from families of shifters of that animal, and each has their own unique power-as well as their own unique names. We’ve got November, Saki, Morfael, and normal names like Caleb. The ultimate badguy is a man named Ximon. Simon, but with an X at the front instead of an S. Weird, but it stands out as a name.

The plot moves at a brisk pace, I loved all the characters, and everyone had interesting back stories. I really liked how the book read, though I hated the obvious cliffhanger at the end. Obvious, because while the main character manages to make it through everything okay, it still leaves things wide open for a second book.

I’m not sure I’ll continue the series. While I enjoyed this book as a means of something different, I also felt like it could’ve been so much more than it was. I can’t explain why I felt that way, only that it read similarly to other books I’ve read regarding shifters before. I do like the writing style, and the atmosphere that this book gives when reading, and it was a perfect Halloween read as well. Not spooky, but full of supernatural beings that felt realistic.

Overall, I’ll give this a three and a half out of five star rating. Good enough to check out from the library, nice enough to own a physical copy at some point, but not something that I’ll be actively searching for.


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