Book Review Policy

It’s come to my attention that a lot of book review bloggers have review policies, and a place where publishers/agents/whatever can reach the reviewer. A specific page dedicated to listing of what I like and don’t like when it comes to reading. So here we go!

Review Policy:

Polite, and kind requests to read your book.

I Prefer to Read: mainly YA fantasy these days, but I also like NA (that’s New Adult for you that don’t know it), Science Fiction, Mythology, Historical, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, Twisted Westerns (like fantasy western, or westerns that are set in a mystery series), and Comic Books/Graphic Novels, Dystopian Fiction, I have a goodreads you can check out for all those tags that I do with the books.

Favorite Authors: Stephen King, Mercedes Lackey, Nicola Yoon, Tad Williams, Terry Brooks, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dean Koontz, Jim Butcher, Sam Sykes, Mark Lawrence, Patricia Potter, Hannah Howell, Lana Sky, Imogen Isles, Rick Riordan, Suzanne Collins, Suzanne Cooper, Mary Weber, Genieve Cogman, Alison Croggon, and many many others.

I like physical books but do occasionally accept kindle format, but if it’s kindle then I wish to either be given the direct Amazon link or the PDF file of it.

I promise to leave a review within 1-3 weeks, bar emergencies. I will leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads, and/or PassMeThatBook (my blog). I have yet to figure out Twitter, or to do reviews on other platforms.

If I don’t like the book, I will leave my honest opinion of it (I.ex.: this book is full of characters that I don’t like, and a plot that’s hard to follow. Two stars.)

I rate by the same system that Goodreads has, because I’m used to it.

I am generally open to questions, comments, concerns. If you wish to contact me, you may do so here, where I will also send you my home address where the books can be shipped to should you feel the desire to send me some books my way, which I will always appreciate!

Ways to Contact Me:
Email Address: riapotterwrites@gmail.com
Tumblr: focusedonbooks.tumblr.com
Twitter: @Lovesteaandbooks
Youtube: passmethatbook

(I don’t have a facebook for this, as I just keep my facebook for friends and family. Occasionally, I’ll blog about books, but I don’t promote books there at all. I also don’t have Instagram or Blogger, or any other social platforms as of yet.)

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