Books in the Mail

Today’s Books in the Mail post is technically meant for yesterday, but sadly I wasn’t able to get any wifi. I got THREE books in the mail (yes, three-you heard right) and all three of them are fairly large, beautiful looking books. One of which I had no idea would be as large as it is, but that’s almost always better.

Books in the mail is a post where I talk about books that I’ve received from publishing companies to review. Granted, it doesn’t happen often, but it’s happening a lot more frequently, and so I feel like this is the proper post for such. Reviews of books to be provided as soon as the books are read. I will also send a thank you on twitter to the publishing company who provided the books for me.

These three books I received are from Orbitz Books, and I will provide a link to their website at the bottom of this post for those who wish to browse their wonderful products. Orbitz Books provided me with these titles:

(provide pictures-get book details off of either Amazon or Goodreads, and post those here with the books)

Charming by Elliot James

The Court of the Broken Knives (Book One) by Anna Smith Spark

Soul of the World (Book One) by David Mealing

All of these are books that I’ve been eager to read, and am pleased to get them in the mail (of course, I’m pleased to receive ANY book in the mail). I will provide reviews within the following week (provided life doesn’t get in the way, and I can get online to do so). I thank Orbitz and Hatchett for providing these wonderful books my way. As promised, here’s a link to the Orbitz website, as well as Hatchett for those who wish to view their goods:


Now, I’m off to get some serious reading done! I’ll let you all know how the books turn out within the week!

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