Books In The Mail

Books in the mail is a post about books that I receive from publishers. Happening more frequently now, I decided to make this a post featuring such items. Today’s item is a book from Apex Publications featuring zombies called “Desper Hollow”. Here’s my thoughts on the book:


Desper Hollow is a brilliant piece of zombie fiction loaded with multiple characters all who I liked. Our main character, Granny Mustard, is a vicious cruel person who created moonshine that turns people into zombies-or at least, it really helps them along into becoming a zombie.
The book is like a weird mix of that tv show “Outsiders” and “The Walking Dead” fans will certainly love it. It’s gruesome, it’s full of blood, guts, and gore, and the writing is pretty steller too.
Desper Hollow is my first zombie book that I’ve read, though I’ve watched enough zombie movies and shows *cough, cough, Walking Dead, cough, cough* that I know a good zombie plot when I see one. I could easily see this turning into a short tv series. (I say short, because the characters, well=TOO STUPID TO LIVE, most of them.)
This was an enjoyable read all around, and I heartily recommend it if you like clever zombies and/or dumb zombies.
Five stars.
Thank you to Apex Magazine for providing this wonderful book! I sincerely enjoyed it, and really look forward to reading more from them!

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