Art for Art’s Sake

Lately I’ve been more interested in art than in books. However, I can’t draw to save my life, I’m okay at photo manipulation, and I haven’t tried much anything else because I tried before and I’m just not good at it. (My youngest sister, on the other hand, is amazing.)

Here’s an example of what kind of art I like (granted, I’m not picky-I think ALL art is impressive in some form or another):

Or other kinds of things. I’m really all over the place when it comes to art, but it’s not just expensive buying it, it’s also kinda pricey in getting supplies.

I’m trying to do art, but while I’m not doing art, I’ve fallen back into fanfiction, as well as writing in general. (I may or may not post some fanfics soon, depending on if people are interested.)

I guess I’m just trying to be more artsy. I’m going to try drawing more, and other types of art as well. If you’re an artist, I would like some assistance-web links, suggestions, and so on-if you don’t mind.

In the meantime, I am going to browse the web and find more cool stuff!


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