Beautiful Books: Leather and Gold Editions

So I found this website when browsing for leather books (because I need more of those in my life, as they’re very beautiful and my grandmother has more of them than I do!) and while the books are gorgeous, the cheapest one is $39. Yikes! EastonPressBooks

Still, you have to admire how beautiful they are. I’m debating (and budgeting) on getting a few of them, so that I can have them later in life when I’m old and cranky like my grandmother, who I still love to pieces. Leather books have always been a secret (well, perhaps not so secret now) love affair of mine, and they generally have very good stories in them as well.

I’m thinking my first set will be the $110 six set of Dune novels by Frank Herbert. I’ve recently seen the series with John Hurt in it and loved it, and I’ve also read the first novel, but I’ve not gotten to the rest. Dune is excellent, and a classic in its own right, don’t you guys think?

What should I do? Save my money for more important things, or save my money and eventually-eventually!-grow a beautiful book collection?

EDIT: Also, Happy Comic Con day!!!!

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