Summer Reading

So I found a really cool bookstore called Half-Price books.


Sadly, it’s about an hour outside of St. Louis where my sister lives, so I can only drop by there when I go visit my sister. (More reasons to drop by St. Louis! Visiting family, seeing the massive libraries, looking at cool buildings, and now a bookstore!)


It’s a very cool bookstore that’s even got record players and records. I still haven’t managed to get a record player, sadly, but I might be looking at getting one as early as Christmas? I don’t know yet, I’m still shopping around for a good one that’s also cheap. Anyways, books!


The last time I went I only got two because it was such short notice. Next time I’m hoping to get more, because I’ll have books to get rid of trade! I’m very hopeful. And I go in a few days to St. Louis again, so YAY! More time at the bookstore! πŸ™‚

But that’s part of why I’ve been gone from my blog is because I haven’t been able to get on, as I’ve been traveling/busy. Just so you lot know.

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