Safe Haven

safehavenmovieSo I watched Safe Haven, which was originally a book by Nickolas Sparks. The movie itself was overall good-I’ve always had a soft spot for Josh Duhamel, he’s one of my longtime favorite actors that I’ve seen since I was a teenager. I don’t recall ever watching a movie with the actress Julianne Hough, though she was fairly good in this movie as well.

Overall, I liked it, but the end was…a bit creepy. Reminded me strongly of a house that I lived in with my mother and sisters-it was in the south as well, and it was old.

*cut for spoilers, so if you’ve not seen the movie and want to, I would read this!*

My old house was old, and there was a little girl who was a ghost there. Granted, I never got a proper look at her-creepy laughter, and the bathroom door slamming was her favorite thing to do. We didn’t even know she was a ghost until mom asked the neighbor if she belonged to a family nearby, because mom and my younger sister had seen her too. The neighbor looked surprised, and said ‘my, we haven’t had more than one person see her at a time, she must like you! But, no she doesn’t belong to a family, at least, not any more. Poor thing died several years ago, of cancer or the flu or something like that.* Needless to say we were freaked out, but we still figured that it wasn’t all that bad. All she did was visit the bathroom at odd hours, laugh, and slam the door.

That was the setting for the end of Safe Haven, really, poor Katie discovers that her neighbor woman named Jo is actually her new boyfriend’s dead wife. She only realizes this after reading an envelope that at the end says the woman’s name-the same woman who she’s walked to and from her house on several occasions.

Of course, the movie did have a happy ending, and overall I liked it. I LOVED the house that Katie moved into. Rustic and pretty, along with a great location.

So aside from the creepy bit at the end, I give this movie a four out of five stars.

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