Reading By Candlelight

Sunday night we lost power at home for some reason. It was out from just about an hour, but eventually we got it back. However, my laptop was (thankfully) fully charged, and now I’m writing up my stuff before it dies in case I forget. I might be reading by candlelight tonight, and pretend I’m in a world where electricity doesn’t work. =)

stationeleven Which works really well when I’m currently mucking my way through a book called Station Eleven. At some points, I like it, at others it’s weird, and at other points it just has things that I just DO NOT WANT!-but overall I like it enough to keep reading through to the end, because I like post-apocalyptic worlds, and this is the first novel that has ‘Wal-Mart’ specifically mentioned in the post apocalypse, which I find amusing.

Other than that, I’m still working on fanfiction and the like-researched Hawaiian phrases and stuff for my Hawaii five 0 fanfic that I’m currently on, and I’m also plotting a Bones/H50 fanfic after that which I’m also attempting to research. Timelines for crossover are TRICKY.

Well, that’s pretty much all I’m up to at the moment. I’ve also started boxing up some of my books to make room, and to clean up my room a bit. No matter how often I try to keep it clean, it always winds up a mess again. *sigh*

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