I like tea

I like tea. It’s one of my favorite things, drinking tea while reading books. I especially like Louisiana sweet tea, though I haven’t had it in a while due to not being in Louisiana. I rather miss it.

Regardless, plans: this winter, I’m planning on reorganizing my room so that it can hold more books, look pretty, and contain some really nifty antique items (hopefully). I’m looking forward to it, especially the part where I might be able to buy around $150 worth of books. And there’s two bookstores in the city that have discount books at $1, so that’s going to be some spending spree!

Aside from that, not much is going on. I requested books from authors who are giving them away-I’m hoping that I’ll get them. If not, I’ll keep looking for books to buy/trade/whatever.

In case you guys haven’t noticed, I like tea.

But I LOVE books.

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