What Was Your Favorite Teenage Book?

Not much going on at the moment aside from drinking tea and listening to Lindsey Stirling. Moments like these come and go, but I wish it would go faster, because I’m rather bored. Therefore, how about book suggestions? What was your favorite book as a teenager? Mine was ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ by Madeline E’Lengle. I also rather enjoyed the Chronicles of Narnia, Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys, and a fair number of classics which includes: the Red Badge of Courage, The Counte of Monte Cristo, Shiloh (does that count as a classic?), Kim, Captain Courageous, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Picture of Dorian Grey, and a number of other classics. Some that weren’t so classic include: Dune, I Robot, Watership Down, the Hobbit, and a bunch of others.

Let’s just say my childhood was lonely but filled with a lot of books!

Edit: on the Brightside, I just found out that I go to the library tomorrow, so any book recommendations I don’t recognize I’ll likely check out!


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