The Hollies and other 70’s/80’s Bands

Last night I watched ‘Seeking a Friend for the End of the World’ with Steve Carrol and Keira Knightly. It’s a fantastic movie! Especially in their music picking, as one of the songs that I heard was ‘The Air that I Breathe’ by the Hollies, which I hadn’t heard in years.

Now I’m thinking of investing in a record player, and buying old records because of that movie. It’s been a long time since I heard a bunch of the music that was on the movie, and it’s made me nostalgic for the old stuff. While I’ve always been a classic rock fan, there’s some that I just haven’t heard in so long that I’ve forgotten all about them.

What about it guys? What are your favorite hits from those eras? Anything that you miss? How about Whitesnake? Or Creedence Clearwater Revival? James Taylor’s Fire and Rain ring any bells? What are your absolute favorites of those eras?

2 thoughts on “The Hollies and other 70’s/80’s Bands

    1. I’m still researching, but I think I’m sold on the idea! *I hadn’t thought about yard sales, but now I find myself intrigued by the idea-yard sales mostly used to be books and sometimes cool clothes!* 🙂

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