So I thought of writing this story…

And as I start writing it, I realize how LONG it’s been since I’ve been a nine/ten year old kid. Mostly what I remember from that age is annoyance at adults, reading all the time, and trying to figure out my younger sisters and why they were interested in things that I just *wasn’t*.

So, anyone got any suggestions for writing from a nine/ten year old’s Point of View (POV)? I’m rather liking the idea of this book a lot that I really want to write it, but I’m afraid of getting the main character so out of…uh…being uncharacteristic? That I’m not entirely sure the right way of going about it.

Suggestions, and ideas are welcomed.

3 thoughts on “So I thought of writing this story…

  1. There are novels written by adults from a child’s point of view. I would suggest reading a few.
    You’re local children’s librarian maybe helpful in finding books.
    Have a precocious 9 or 13 year old advise you.
    Happy writing.

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