Rain, Rain, Go Away…

It’s raining here almost nonstop, and we’re expected to get about two inches of rain, making the yard even more muddy than usual. Our yard is practically a swamp by this point with the melted snow, ice, and now rain on top of it all. At the moment the rain has quit, but it’s still foggy and damp here. The rain is supposed to come back at any moment though, so I’m inside for the bit, preparing to talk about books.

Speaking of, I went and got myself a goodreads.

I’ve been adding books that I know I’ve read, and books that I have. I’m also doing the ‘read oh so many books in a year’ challenge. I set the goal for 50. I figured that would be a good enough head start.

No word yet on if my story published, though it will probably be several weeks before I get word on that. I’m planning on sending other stories elsewhere, as a just in case thing.

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