Books, Books, and More Books…

Lately, I’ve been wanting to read books, but unfortunately I just haven’t had the time. Now I have the time, and while I have a huge ‘to be read’ pile, I’m not sure where to start. ALL of them sound good, which is why I got them, of course. So, to answer the question of ‘what book should I read next’, here is the poll:

What book should I read next:

  • Sea Swept by Nora Roberts


  • The Book of Three by Llyod Alexander


And finally

  • The Blood of an Englishman by M. C. Beaton


I’d do a proper poll, but unfortunately WordPress doesn’t seem to have that-least not that I’ve noticed, so please comment which book you’d like me to read/review next, and whichever one gets the most comments wins! Of course I have a lot more books to choose from, but these were the latest that I’d received, and unfortunately I have very slow internet, so I have to get off now.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and got plenty of reading time in.

Until next time!

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