The Best Compliments…

Is when I’m with my sisters and my mother and all of us are at the bar laughing and having a good time, while I’m writing down whatever stray thought I do, and a bartender woman comes up, reads my stuff because I’m too tuned out to notice her, and she says that I ought to be a published writer because she really liked the poetry that I wrote.

I love it when that happens (rare as it is)!

Overall, I had a good time with my family. My littlest sister made the best comment but the only thing I remember (and that’s only because I wrote it down) is her saying something about ‘it’s not fair for those with involuntary claustrophobia’. We ate some really good cheesecake, and we also learned some new music that all of us like (rare as that is, too).

Hope everyone else is having a good Saturday night!

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